Agent in a Box

Sencomm and JPL introduce the Agent in a Box Kit! One box ship to agents and contains everything to get your agents up and running stress-free, all plug-n-play! This kit has been carefully assembled to provide you with everything you need to connect to your PC, or tablet to give you the best video conference experience. The perfect kit for new agents, work-from-home professionals, and hybrid workers. Plus, if 5,000 or more are ordered, all kits will be customized with your company logo at —no extra charge.

The Sencomm JPL Agent Kit is a comprehensive package that includes all the essentials:

The JPL keyboard: A sleek, ergonomic design with whisper-quiet keystrokes for a comfortable typing experience.

The JPL mouse: Navigate through your work effortlessly with this responsive, high-precision mouse, tailored to meet your exacting needs.

The JPL commander headset: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio and enjoy superior sound quality, whether you’re on a call, collaborating with teammates, or indulging in your favorite tunes during a well-deserved break.

The JPL Vision Mini+ Webcam: A small form 1080p USB Webcam that features a bracket with grippy feet, allowing you to place it on top of laptops and computers.

USB A and C adapter: Versatility is key in the modern workspace. With this handy adapter, you can effortlessly connect all your devices, regardless of their port types, and stay connected at all times.

Ethernet cable: Experience reliable internet connectivity with the included 15ft high-quality Ethernet cable.

This Agent Kit is a true plug-and-play solution that makes your video conferencing experience effortless and straightforward.

Need more customization, let Sencomm help you develop the right Agent Kit for your work environment.

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