Build Your Brand with Custom Logo Carts by Sencomm and Tryten

The significance of a company’s brand cannot be overstated. Your brand is what differentiates you from your competitors and helps gain trust to build a loyal customer base. A brand is many things. It is a company’s culture, voice, and personality and it’s what a company stands for. However, the face of your brand is your logo.

A good logo is immediately recognizable and portrays the essence of a brand. With 75% of consumers recognizing a brand by its logo, it is smart business to display your logo wherever and whenever you have the opportunity. “Displaying your logo on promotional items and clothing isn’t the only way to build a brand or promote your company,” says Melinda Farmer, Director of Communications Platforms at Sencommunications, a leading technology workforce solutions provider.

“We totally understand the importance of creating strong brand awareness which is why Sencomm is proud to offer our health and medical clients the Tryten customizable logo cart,” says Farmer.

Tryten custom medical carts help medical device companies and healthcare solution providers add safe and effective mobility capabilities for better clinical workflows and improved patient care delivery. The Tryten carts are cost-effective and can be used in a wide range of applications and modalities including telemedicine, audio visual, medical devices, and VRI (video remote interpreting). The carts can also be used in any environment to promote learning, video, or daily duties.

Tryten Carts features:

  • Height Adjustable Work Surface
  • Concealed Cable Management
  • Cord Wrap
  • Integrated Ergonomic Handle
  • Tip Resistant Base
  • Whisper Quiet Wheels
  • Custom Branding Options

Farmer says, “From custom decals to colored cable management strips to fully colored bases and more, Tryten offers a several branding options to ensure that your carts reflect your brand.”

How significant is a logo to your brand? According to Zippia, on average it takes 5 to 7 times seeing a logo before a customer remembers the brand, which is why it is so important to use your logo on equipment, such as the Tryten medical and laptop carts. “Employees, patients, and other stakeholders will be reminded of the quality products and/or service you provide when they see your logo displayed throughout your facility,” says Farmer.

Are you ready to build your brand? Get started today with Sencommunications workforce solutions and Tryten custom logo carts to have your logo in front of your customers for greater brand recognition!