Why Cloud Communications Makes Sense

If you are were one of those organizations that we’re starting to think about moving to cloud communications, I’m pretty sure the Covid crisis accelerated your plan. The need to move employees to work at home model instantly threw the benefits of UCaaS into the spotlight-and got us all planning for the future. Here’s what a report by industry leader, Mitel, says about UCaaS and the advantages of utilizing this technology.

If you still need help demonstrating the value of UCaaS to your business, the following statistics will help:

  • Other companies are already evolving: Your competitors are already moving away from legacy tools and spending more cash on the cloud. IDC tells us that digital transformation investments will go over $6 trillion by the time we reach 2022. Source: IDC.
  • Connected communications strengthen productivity: Aligning your team under a single communication platform has massive benefits. Over 75% of UCaaS users experience heightened productivity levels.
  • Most companies are planning a move to the cloud: 38% of businesses say that they’re planning on moving to the cloud with their communication technology. 33% of respondents have switched to the cloud already. Source: Frost and Sullivan.
  • Companies feel safer in the cloud: One of the major factors increasing cloud adoption is a positive cloud security sentiment. The result is a 20-30% year-over-year growth in cloud technology adoption. Source: Cleveland Research Company.
  • Increased uptime is a significant benefit of the cloud: 80% of respondents in a Frost and Sullivan whitepaper said increased uptime was a considerable benefit. 80% also saw freeing up IT with hosted services as a substantial advantage. Source: Frost and Sullivan Enterprise-Class Cloud communications whitepaper.
  • Cloud makes companies more competitive: Study’s show that improved training for new hires, and more readily available solutions to specific business problems were valuable cloud communications features. 41% of respondents said UCaaS solutions could help them overcome more particular issues. Source: Mitel Cloud adoption as viewed by European companies’ reports.
  • Workplace trends drive UCaaS growth: Workplace trends like remote and distance working heighten the need for the cloud. Globalization, BYOD, and mobile working make UCaaS essential. These trends are likely to continue for the next five years. Source: Cleveland Research, 2019 UCaaS industry growth report.
  • Cloud is crucial to business evolution: Evolve IP found that 15% of the time we spend communicating in the current landscape is wasted. 74% of business CFOs say that the cloud will have the most measurable impact on their company’s transformation. Source: Evolve IP Unified Communication driving communication transformation report.
  • UCaaS strengthens various business operations: Evolve IP also discovered that UCaaS led to improved productivity for 72% of respondents, better collaboration for 91%, and faster problem solving for 88%. Source: Evolve IP Unified Communication driving communication transformation report

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