Communications Technology Important Factor in 2023 Workplace Design Trends

The Hybrid model is here to stay and it is crucial that all workers are equipped with the technology they need to communicate effectively, no matter where they are working.  In a recent Office Inspiration online article, Sven Bietau, Managing Partner at the Munich-based consulting and architecture firm CSMM said, “…We should be focusing [instead] on how to mitigate the massive changes taking place in society and introduce workplace innovations designed to motivate people. Of course, we may be able to cut some space with hybrid work models, but the more pressing issue for corporate success is figuring out how to accommodate more in-person communication in our workplaces. This space is crucial for the creative process.” It is estimated that American corporations will eventually reduce office footprints by as much as 50 percent, so effective use of workspace is more important now than ever.

A recent Harvard Business Review survey of 182 senior managers from a variety of industries found that:

  • 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.
  • 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.

Melinda Farmer, Director of Communications Platforms at Sencommunications, a leader in workforce technology solutions, agrees with Bietau but takes it a step further. “Creating workspace designs with a personal touch and fostering workers’ creativity is a trend. However, the most important aspect of any workspace, specifically in conference room design, is the inclusion of superior state-of-the-art communications technology solutions. This includes the hybrid meeting where some attend in person and others are conferencing in using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other applications.”

Farmer says, “The Harvard Business Review survey statistics reinforce general thinking that the way some business professionals run their meetings needs improvements. A new workplace design that includes first-class technology should be the first step and will directly impact the success of a meeting.”

“A good meeting will include planned content, communicated agenda and goals to the meeting attendees, and an optimized space including high-tech comms. A conference space equipped with less-than-quality audio and video technology can be frustrating for meeting participants. This can also lead to an unproductive meeting,” says Farmer.

Whether employees are in-person or hybrid, your conference space should be designed withDTEN whiteboard monitor the following in mind:

  • Clear Acoustics
  • Flexible Space
  • State-of-the-Art Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Design Capabilities
  • Whiteboards with Interactive Capability

Are you in the process of replacing inefficient or deficient systems in your conference workspaces, or looking to design a new space for your workforce? Sencommunications partners with the leading communications technology manufacturers to provide you with the best available products on the market.

One example of Sencomm’s high-tech comms products to complement your workspace design includes the DTEN All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution for Zoom. DTEN’s Zoom-certified appliances and integrated service subscriptions revolutionize the way teams around the world connect, communicate and collaborate. The DTEN collaboration solutions combine cutting-edge all-in-one features, plug-and-play ease, high-quality performance, and affordability.

A quality conference set-up also will help your remote employees feel comfortable and motivated in their work, knowing they have the support of excellent technological tools. According to chicagobooth.edu, out of more than 30,000 U.S. workers surveyed from May 2020 to March 2021, 40 percent still said they were more productive at home than in the office. This data supports the idea that a quality conference room design is key to the success of your remote workers.

“Remote employees often are required to participate in conferences with in-person employees. Having the right tools to keep your remote workforce successful is important to your bottom line as well,” says Farmer. She says the Logitech Dock is for advanced video collaboration for every workspace. From huddle spaces to hot desks, and workstations to working from home–teams everywhere need to connect via video so they can collaborate at any moment. Logitech offers brilliant optics and advanced audio technology so that users can focus on their meetings.

Sencomm offers the best available audio-video solutions. Get in touch with Melinda Farmer today to include the hottest communications technology in your newly designed workspace. Call 800-654-2993.