Creating the Ideal Workspace – at Home

As more companies move toward working from home Concept, many employees are having difficulty balancing their work obligations with home/life responsibilities. Incorporating kuando Busylight’s presence, notification, and call alert system can harmonize your work and home life.

Many parents are having to work overtime while telecommuting. Keeping their kids occupied with activities can take away time from work assignments or projects. Having to switch between parental and work responsibility consistently can cause work tasks to pile up and kids to become uneasy.

Busylight’s presence display offers a wide range of colors to choose from. Often kids are unsure whether their parent is busy with work or if they can play for a little while. The simple but effective system is easy for children of all ages to understand: red means, “stop” and green means “go”.
Assign colors for different meanings or stick to a simple green “go” and red “stop” system.

That way, if your children see your Busylight Alpha or Omega shine red, they know it means “not right now”. When the color switches to green, they know it’s alright to approach the workspace.

6 quick Tips & Tricks for home workers

1. Introduce a simple color-code system

Introducing a simple color-code system into the home/workspace can also eliminate potential interruptions for multiple people living in the same space. For many, working from home means adhering to others’ schedules as well as maintaining your own. Using the presence display lets others in the shared space know when you’re in a call or when they need to concentrate. With a long USB cord and easy mounting application, Busylights can be placed wherever needed.

Use the colors to indicate to anyone in the living space that you’re:

  • In a Call
  • Receiving a Call
  • Concentrating (Do Not Disturb)
  • Available to Speak

kuando Busylight’s newest preview software kuandoHUB features several presence settings and tools to assist in maintaining an accurate display of your status.

2. Schedule breaks 

Incorporate household tasks

The kuandoTIMER software allows users to schedule breaks or change status colors after a set time throughout the day. These time slots can be set to incorporate household tasks, time with your kids, or exercise into your work from home routine.

3. Notification and alert 

Incorporating personal tasks

As employees continuously adapt to working from home, many are adjusting their schedules to be conducive to their home rituals and tasks. Incorporating personal tasks or responsibilities into your work schedule can often cause missed calls or forgotten assignments. Employees can become preoccupied with home duties without realizing there are updates in their inbox or incoming calls from an important client.

4. Activating a flashing light 

Reduce missed events

Integrating a visual and audio notification system into your workspace can reduce missed calls by activating a flashing light and ringtone for an incoming call or for when a call is missed. This also applies to email events like meetings or task reminders. Both the Alpha and Omega Busylight models are equipped with a speaker for audio notifications and an LED light signal.

5. Reinforce reminders 

For calendar events

kuandoHUB features an Outlook Options tool that can enhance or reinforce reminders and notifications for calendar events. The HUB also features Platform Priorities that can prioritize and organize multiple platforms. This ensures that your primary platform receives real-time alerts and status changes to adapt to your work-from-home needs.

6. Higher notification priority

Tasks done quickly and efficiently

For instance, if your boss plans on calling you periodically throughout the day but would like to also get some small chores done. Ideally, you would want to have Skype4B or Microsoft Teams as a higher notification priority than Outlook notifications. Or vice versa if you’re awaiting an update via Outlook.

Having an automatic system set up to notify you of incoming information or events helps you get your work tasks done quickly and efficiently. This gives you more time to work on housework or spend time with your children.

Notifications help make the adjustment easier for everyone in the shared space

With the move toward telecommuting on the rise, employers and employees need to ensure their work from home space is equipped to produce the best results possible. kuando Busylight is designed to create the ideal workspace no matter the environment.

For employees who are balancing work assignments with parental responsibility, presence is needed to create a peaceful environment for both parents and children. And those employees living with others who are not used to their work routine, presence, call alert, and notification help make the adjustment easier for everyone in the shared space.

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