Digital Technology Gains Momentum in Education

Over 1.2 billion school children across the globe left the classroom learning environment during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the way students are taught has changed dramatically.  Research suggests digital learning has increased a students’ retention of information. Online learning, video conferencing tools and virtual tutoring have significantly increased since the pandemic.

In the new modern classroom, where remote, online learning is here to stay – whether that is fully online, or a hybrid and/or blending of in-person and online learning sessions – equipping educators and students with the best audio and visual learning technologies must be made a priority.

Sencommunications is a leader in audio and visual solutions for education, providing schools and businesses with the latest technologies for 33 years.

In a world with rapidly growing technology, Sencomm is the choice audio visual technology vendor. Sencomm partners with the top technology manufacturers in our industry to offer the highest quality to its clients. Our technology solutions which enhance the learning environment are available in products such as:

  • Headsets: With hearing protection, noise cancellation technologies, and built for the harshest of classroom environments.
  • Speakerphones, Laptops, and more.
  • Plug-n-play video solutions like the Jabra PanaCast.
  • Compatibility and connectivity: Multiple devices, wired and wireless.
  • Comfort: Multiple styles, ear cushions, and designs for any daily duty.
  • iPad cases and accessories by Maroo and Crayon Stylus by Logitech.
  • Tablet carts by Tryten.

The coronavirus pandemic brought on many changes to the way the world lives and works. One of the most impactful being the classroom – where the tradition of educating students was a face-to-face, personal experience for both teacher and student. The forced remote learning modality of teaching for most of America has shed light on the need for higher quality audio and visual technologies in order to be effective in achieving success in the modern classroom.

Since the pandemic, technology has increased in strategic priority for school leaders. Schools that hesitate to upgrade may find it challenging and costly to catch up and they risk stalling educational advancement.

If your schools are in need of a greater dynamic learning environment – whether in the physical classroom, or remote, Sencomm is ready to provide your educational institution with educational technology that enhances your ability to teach effectively. Call Sencomm today!