Clevertouch is a premier global UC and collaborative solution manufacturer. These UX Pro Interactive Displays offer companies the flexibility to elect multiple conferencing solutions (Zoom, MTR, Webex) and then enhance their capabilities for collaboration. The units also include two free Clevershare Dongles that allow Macs/PCs/Tablets to wirelessly project on a display without any drivers being installed. From a security side, it doesn’t require the users to be on your network.

What sets this display company apart from competitors is the Clevershare app that you can download to your phone that controls digital signage. CleverLive is a free, perpetual license to maintain and update all Clevertouch devices.

  • Update digital signage with dynamic content, QR Codes, and graphics
  • Live meeting room availability and booking
  • In-meeting room wireless collaboration
  • Monitor air quality and temperature control in meeting rooms

CM Series

Commercial Displays for meetings, digital signage or both? Whatever you’re looking for, CM Pro is the answer.

The CM Pro is flexible and versatile with two exceptional in-built Apps:

  • CleverLive digital signage a feature rich platform for broadcasting information, site wayfinding maps and instant alerts.
  • AirServer for enhanced meeting collaboration and device choice.


Realtime wireless screen-sharing from up to 4 devices simultaneously. Synchronized annotating from multiple devices. Interact with CleverWall via smartphones and tablet computers.

CleverWall is the perfect addition for any reception or boardroom spaces in the retail, further and higher education and enterprise sectors.