Cut Down on Help Desk Tickets with IT Vending Machines

No matter the industry, there are ways to create simpler, more effective solutions for your team with technology as the driving factor. Help Desk support plays an essential role in the world of IT, and Help Desk tickets span a wide range of difficulty levels. Sometimes a ticket can be resolved with a simple solution. Higher-level tickets can be time-consuming, and in turn, costly.

Enter the hottest trend in Technology: IT Vending Machines. It’s possible that you never thought these words would go together, but don’t knock it until you try it! Similar to the way you would retrieve a candy bar from a typical vending machine, companies that offer IT Vending Solutions make it as easy to grab supplies or equipment as it would be to grab a quick snack

This fast, easy and secure way to get your employees what they need is the perfect solution to reduce  Trouble Tickets.  Many issues can be resolved by giving controlled access to your employees for simple needs such as telephone headsets, mice, webcams and keyboards (Yes, even keyboards can be dispensed).  Products are obtained via employee PIN or ID Magnetic strip and machines offer the following:

  • Hold and dispenses varying SKU’s of IT peripherals and/or vending supplies
  • Cloud based software keeps track of inventory and alerts when par levels are reached
  • Configurable to products needed based on work area

This technology can be used for IT products, office supplies, and so much more. This new IT trend reduces the time spent by IT staff on service calls and reduces downtime as employees have access to IT  and office products 24/7.

IT is all about innovation and creating new ways to solve problems. The most effective solutions save time, make room in your budget, and relieve stress. These vending machines are the start of a tech movement that is certain to become normal operating procedure quickly.

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