Factors to consider when future-proofing your huddle rooms with video

The workplace as we know it has changed significantly in just a few years, with shifts from open offices to spaces more purposefully created with collaboration and productivity in mind. According to Aruba, 70% of employees attribute enhanced collaboration to digital technologies. And as our collaboration needs change, meeting rooms are being replaced by huddle rooms equipped with the technology to match a new culture of collaboration.

Ensuring that smaller, more flexible spaces work for you and your business is just the beginning. According to the Wall Street Journal, 73% of meetings involve only two to four people, but 53% of conference-room space is built for meetings of seven or more. 

Technology is creating a wealth of opportunities for employees to take quick video calls with remote colleagues located all over the world, reducing the need for business travel and increasing global growth opportunities. According to McKinsey, a 20-30% increase in productivity is provided by online collaboration tools and digital workplaces. 

But businesses must look beyond the needs of today and explore how they can future proof their huddle rooms too.

Designing the perfect meeting space

You must create a seamless technology experience which is a crucial aspect of future-proofing your huddle-room investment.

Huddle-room meetings will grow to represent almost 70% percent of all video conferencing room meetings by 2022
Frost & Sullivan

Sencomm and Jabra are ensuring that everyone has the right devices to engage with remote teams and connect with potential business partners or customers is the new standard. 

Jabra PanaCast has been a game-changer giving customers 

the bigger picture and taking a 180° panoramic view of the evolving business landscape. The PanaCast enables attendees to immediately see the entire meeting room, regardless of their location. Sure, intuitive technology brings these experiences to life. But, it’s the ability to seamlessly communicate and observe body language that sets a new bar for your meetings.

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