Technically brilliant – how clever technology is enabling more flexible working

What role do peripherals play in our evolving working lives?

An entire technology ecosystem, including hardware and software, has the power to change the way the world works. Our partner Jabra spoke to Sandhya Rao, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Teams, to ask her how Teams has been changing the world’s works through peripherals and why. Going with a certified professional device is the smartest choice if you’re looking for the very best audio and video quality.

It’s an exciting time for me to be working on the peripheral portfolio because there is so much edge AI and AI software technology. I think bringing technology into your working experience is all a balance, especially for Microsoft Teams. In Teams, we’re trying to democratize and give everyone a great experience, so we’ll always have AI in our software that’s accessible to anybody who uses Teams.

Hearing things your way sounds better.

I think the unique thing that some of our partners (like Jabra) bring with hardware is that they can customize and provide an even more upgraded experience, whether that’s improved noise cancellation in the headsets or improved technology cameras, to provide enhanced features.

Peripherals should take center stage – that’s certified.

First and foremost, we want to deliver an excellent experience for anyone in Teams, regardless of the kind of headsets or cameras they’re using. That’s for sure. That being said, we know that there are differences between headsets and other peripherals. We feel strongly about promoting our certified portfolio of devices, both from an IT admin perspective and from a support perspective, for two reasons:

  1. Having the right devices makes it so much easier for an IT admin to know what kind of devices their base has and to be able to support their end-users in a more streamlined and manageable fashion.
  2. If there is ever an issue, they can go straight to Jabra or Microsoft, and we can work with them because we have premier support with our certified partners.

At Microsoft Teams, having access to certified devices is incredibly valuable for our IT admin. We continue to explore more ways to bring even more value to our IT admins to manage accredited devices.

The very best is guaranteed. 

From an end-user standpoint, you’re always going to get the best audio or video experience when you’re using a certified device. The reason for that is that these devices go through rigorous testing both in our partner labs and ours. We have stringent guidelines when it comes to how our audio and video capabilities need to perform. We ensure that all of this testing is done before any device is certified.

From an end–user standpoint, you’re always going to get the best audio or video experience when you’re using a certified device.

Certified devices bring more options.

In addition to this, having a certified device is going to give you enhanced capabilities. For example, with my Jabra set, I know I’m going to have full call control. When I raise my mic, I’m going on mute. When I lower it, I’m unmuted. I can answer and hang up calls right from here. Now, it’s actually like I’m at work but in my home. If I’m in the kitchen, making food for my kids, and hear a call come in, it’s easy for me to put it on and answer because I’ve got my headset around my neck. My PC is upstairs in my office, but it’s not a problem; it just enables me to remain connected and flexible.