Four Signs You Need a New Business Technology Provider


Are you frustrated with your current business technology supplier? Do you feel your relationship has gone stale?  A business relationship can be like any relationship – you have your honeymoon period and then one or both partners get too comfortable, take the other for granted, etc. There can be a number of reasons your current IT vendor relationship is suffering. Maybe your supplier doesn’t answer your calls right away, they don’t check in with you as often, or they don’t meet their deliverables.

Here are four signs that it is time to consider a new technology partner like Sencommunications for your IT workforce solutions.

Issues with Product or Service Quality

If you notice an increase in problems with the quality of the technology product you purchased, your current supplier may not feel your satisfaction is important. Or, if you feel the level of quality in service provided is slipping, it may be time to move on.

Pre-Sales Support

With 33 years of experience in the communications and UC products and services industry, Sencomm is successful in matching its customers with the products and services that will work best for their unique situation. Sencomm assists in selecting the best options for your environment, whether you have multiple locations, workers in home offices, remote mobile, or high-level executives.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the gold key to a successful relationship – business or personal! Managing a business can be all-consuming and when your audio visual technology supplier does not provide adequate communication regarding an order, training, shipment delays, etc., this could be a sign to move on.

Technology for Quality Communications

Sencomm is a family owned, experienced provider of audio visual equipment including headsets, webcams, conferencing units and systems and cloud phone systems.  Communication is our business!

No Longer Reliable

When a supplier becomes less reliable it’s time to look elsewhere. Forgotten orders, incorrect billing, shipping and installation delays, etc. can lead to wasted time and resources which can result in loss of profit.

Post-Sales Support

Sencomm has proven to be reliable with more than eight companies having held contracts for over 15 years – all with multiple installation sites including 50% with more than 100 sites. Sencomm post-sales support always includes assistance with deployment, no matter the size. You can count on Sencomm to stay with you through the sales purchase cycle to product use. Available at no cost, our on-staff specialists can design a custom corporate catalog or assist with integration of your third-party portal including Coupa, Ariba, Oracle and others.

Increased Prices

A sign to consider a new IT technology company is when you want to reduce costs, but your supplier cannot provide you with an option that meets your business objectives and your budget.


Sencomm offers a wide selection of products and services and will custom design a program to meet your audio visual and workforce technology needs. Currently, sanitization and redeployment of your existing equipment is popular.

If any of these four business issues are familiar to you, then it may be time for you to consider a new technology partner to remain competitive and ensure your future success.

Are you ready to find your partner in workforce solutions? Sencomm is ready for you! Get started, call us today (800) 654-2993!