In modern society, people choose to wear noise-canceling headphones to help block out the ambient noise around them. However, this also blocks communication between people and blocks the noise of traffic, so people are less aware of the safety of their surroundings. Shokz believes in a different vision of the future. A vision that brings people together, one that allows you to keep your ears open so you can hear what is going on around you. This is why we created our Open-Ear Headphones.

The OpenComm2 UC brings you an advanced open-ear design for superb, all-day comfort, and sustained situational awareness. 7th generation bone conduction technology ensures crystal-clear audio while an adjustable, dual noise-canceling microphone delivers high-quality calls. And with the Shokz Loop110 wireless adapter, you will always be connected to your devices, whether you use a Mac or a PC, in the office or at home.

OpenComm2 UC USB-A

OpenComm2 UC USB-C