Introducing the Newest Business Power Couple

We’re all aware that smartphones have become the world’s primary communications device, even in the office. According to the Frost & Sullivan 2017 IT Decision Maker survey, 36% ofrespondents do at least part of their business function via smartphone – either one that they’ve bought themselves or provisioned by IT. But smartphones are far from perfect. We’ve all been there – your battery is low. An important Microsoft Teams call is starting. You are trying to juggle the phone and watch the screen while taking notes. On top of it all, people on the call are complaining that they can’t hear you. Up until now, Plantronics could make sure you could hear and be heard, but we want to do more.

In March at Enterprise Connect, our partner Microsoft delivered a keynote that previewed a new mobile communications experience from Plantronics – a mobile phone station that gives iOS and Android users an integrated Microsoft Teams experience. The Plantonics mobile phone station will launch later this year.

Those people I mentioned earlier – people just like you and me – people trying to collaborate from mobile phones – can have a much better experience, and their companies can be much more efficient, when the smartphone can do more. Soon the Plantronics mobile phone station can assure complete and rich collaboration when the mobile user touches down. There are certainly areas of business where a company can compromise, but communications and collaboration shouldn’t be one of them. We’re very excited to be working with Microsoft to make communications easier. You will be hearing much more from me about this new product later in the year.

Our vision for communications and collaboration is anything but one-dimensional. At Plantronics, we see the business of communications and collaboration as a holistic system that integrates four different dimensions – on the desk, on the person, in the ceiling, and in the cloud. I’m excited to write more about our vision in upcoming posts. I’ll explain the significance of each of these dimensions in-depth, including technology innovations, benefits, implementation best practices, and more.