Microsoft Teams Room is Gaining Popularity as the Office of the Future

The number of businesses that have committed to a remote work model for the long term has more than doubled in the last year, according to Upwork, the marketplace for freelance professionals. Additionally, while companies like Google and Tesla are attempting to move their workers back to the office, Upwork claims those who have adopted a remote-style business model work more effectively, increase bandwidth, decrease costs, and result in higher employee achievement.

Bill Miller, Vice President of National Accounts at Sencommunications, a leader in workforce technology solutions, says, “As the remote and hybrid work model continues to rise, businesses are discovering they need better technology when hosting meetings and events. And, vying for the top spot in becoming a technical necessity in the office of the future is Microsoft with its Microsoft Teams Room.”

Most are familiar with Microsoft Teams, the workspace collaboration and communication app included with an Office 365 subscription account. “Microsoft Teams Room completes the meeting experience,” says Miller.

A Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) provides a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms. “Ideal for hybrid meetings, MTRs allow you to use many different devices to join a meeting from anywhere – all with one single touch,” says Miller. Employees from multiple offices – home, business, conference or hotel room, local or overseas – meet free of distraction. Thoughts, ideas, and content are easily shared virtually, clearly, and hassle-free.

Miller explains there is a difference between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams rooms. Businesses have been using the Microsoft Teams collaboration software for years. Microsoft’s newest product, Microsoft Teams Room, is a physical space using Microsoft software with AV hardware that provides enhanced team collaboration, whereas Microsoft Teams is software-only. “MTR is ideal for businesses who are ready to move into video meetings to enhance their Teams collaboration. Plus, MTR is scalable dependent on your business requirements,” says Miller.

If your business is ready to take its hybrid meetings to the next level of video conferencing with Microsoft Teams Rooms, the good news is that Sencomm offers its customers a variety of products to accommodate use of MTRs so that your group can collaborate effortlessly. “Poly | HP, Logitech, Yealink, and Jabra offer hardware devices that are all Microsoft Teams Certified and perfect for MTRs, making it quick and easy to dive into a meeting with one click of a button.” says Miller.

Concerned about installation of MTR? Sencomm, who offers the best in audio-video solutions, will guide you through the entire process. Sencomm’s certified installers will have you up and running in no time and will work with you every step of the way. “Not only does MTR offer the highest quality in video conferencing, users can make audio calls and share content through HDMI. Plus, users get an immersive experience when MTR is linked to interactive screens,” says Miller.

Ready to get started on your office of the future with state-of-the-art, high-tech communication tools and Microsoft Teams Room? Bill Miller says, “The future is now.” Reach out today! Call 800.654.2993.