Product Shortages Continue to Impact Individuals and Businesses

The COVID pandemic brought on many challenges to households and businesses across the country.  The supply chain shortage may be at the top of the list.  Most of us have experienced first-hand the shortage on paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, etc. or foods such as eggs and milk. Today, you may have noticed you can’t find your favorite cereal in the cereal aisle or see more than usual empty shelves at the grocery store. Additionally,  we are all experiencing the increase in fuel costs!

Unfortunately, these shortages are not the only supply chain issue we face today. Businesses like Sencommunications, a leading technology workforce solutions provider, are experiencing a shortage in headsets and audio/visual equipment, causing frustration for our customers. Why the shortage? The global semiconductor chip shortage used in many electronics is causing product backorders and a major headache in the Tech and Business industries.

The low supply of chips greatly impacts the manufacturing and distribution of technology products and communications equipment such as computers, printers, gaming consoles, smartphones, headsets and other electronics. Businesses like Sencomm are forced to find new ways to meet their customers technology needs. As business professionals move from remote back to hybrid or onsite/in-office work, the demand for these office tech supplies increases. Many customers are unable to secure the products needed to successfully navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

What is behind the unprecedented, ongoing supply chain disruption?

There are three main components that determine the availability and price of goods – materials, labor and logistics. A disruption in the supply chain can be caused by several factors including when parts are needed to manufacture a product but are not available. Or, high cost in gasoline impacts the availability of supplies and may slow or halt the distribution and delivery of a product.

In a recent interview on CBS MoneyWatch, Joel Beal, CEO of Alloy, a tech platform that helps companies track products and manage inventory, explained that consumers are buying more. This is what leads to “…higher levels of products being out of stock than we have had in decades for a lot of different goods. People want more than they’ve ever had, and companies can’t manufacture enough because they can’t get the raw materials to do it.”

Product availability – no matter the industry – will continue to be an issue. For how long?  Recent headlines have companies disagreeing on how long the country – the world – will be challenged with the semiconductor chip and other supply chain shortages. Some say relief is just around the corner; others indicate the shortage will continue into 2023 or beyond.

In the meantime, businesses like the Sencomm Team are doing everything in their power to secure needed products as soon as they become available or assist in advising customers of other available viable solutions. To best manage through the current supply chain struggles, Sencomm and other businesses encourage their customers to pre-order products to best meet the supply chain and chip shortage head on.

If you are a company looking for audio visual business solutions, call Sencomm today to learn how they can meet your workforce technology needs.