Quality Audio Video Solutions are Key to Flexible Workspace Success

The trend for flexible workspace options is prompting businesses to assess and redesign the employee workspace. “In the post-pandemic world, this [workspace] redesign will be a critical competitive differentiator for companies. The best and brightest employees will seek out companies that help them cultivate balance, offering both support with home office setups and corporate office spaces that are optimized for choice,” said Joseph White, Director of Workplace Futures and Insight, Herman Miller.

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote workers reported decreased stress, enhanced work/life balance, and increased overall job satisfaction and now are demanding flexible work choices.

What does the flexible work option look like?

Home Office (Remote)
Workers who prefer to conduct business at their home report a better work-life balance and increased focus during business hours. The ability to switch focus when necessary, such as use their 10-minute break to start a load of laundry, or walk their children to the school bus, often provides the opportunity for less stress and a greater sense of accomplishment. Remote and virtual workers expect companies to offer a home office setup with excellent audio-visual communication tools such as professional-quality video solutions and precise audio equipment while using various platforms.

Office Environment
Employees who prefer working at the office value face-to-face interactions with their colleagues. Creative office spaces that integrate fun and play into the workday also add to employee satisfaction. Employees no longer want to be tied to their stationary desk or phone in the office; they expect to have the flexibility to conduct business in a huddle room or conference room. The opportunity to move from open office space to a huddle or conference space fosters greater collaboration, especially when high-tech capabilities, such as video bars and conference phones, are incorporated in the design of the office space.

According to a recent survey by Future Forum, only 12% of workers want to return to the office full-time, whereas 72% want a hybrid model that mixes office and remote work. The hybrid choice is also becoming a viable option for businesses as they experienced an enhancement in focused communication and increased productivity during the pandemic. Plus, a decrease in overhead costs while workers perform daily tasks at home is a benefit. Combining office and remote work is an excellent option, but the hybrid flexible work option demands integrated communications. This hybrid approach needs a portable solution such as speakerphones and portable web cameras.

Integrated Communications for the Flexible Workspace
A company must equip all workspaces with high-quality communications tools, no matter the office location, workspace design, or how employees conduct their daily work. Video Bars, Speakerphones, and Web Cams are essential to business success. Companies are using webcams to track and monitor productivity while engaging the workforce through video connections. Webcams often combat the feeling of isolation among remote teams.

Senncommunications audio-video products provide a seamless experience and integrated solutions for various certified UC platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skye for Business, WebEx, Zoom, etc. This includes secure and safe equipment to ensure the best results possible for greater efficiency and productivity.

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