Sencomm Acquisition Announcement


We are excited to announce a significant change of ownership at Sencommunications, Inc. (Sencomm), as Mr. Dayo Olabisi has successfully acquired the company.

After an extensive and diligent evaluation process, the ownership transition was finalized on November 30, 2022. Throughout this process, Mr. Olabisi and the previous owners, Stacie and Bill Miller, were fully committed to ensuring a mutually beneficial acquisition, not only from operational and financial perspectives but also in terms of business strategy and continuity.

Sencomm, initially founded by Stacie’s parents, Paul, and Fran Senory, holds deep roots and a legacy within the industry. Stacie prioritized finding a buyer who could uphold Sencomm’s customer-centric operating philosophy, providing personalized services and tailored solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements. It was crucial to identify a buyer who would honor Sencomm’s heritage, family legacy, and long-standing relationships with employees and customers while driving growth and diversification.

During the comprehensive due diligence process, it became evident that Mr. Olabisi’s acquisition of Sencomm was ideal. Mr. Olabisi, the owner and Chief executive Officer of Tixzy Consulting, a distinguished IT consulting firm specializing in cloud, cybersecurity, and data analytics, brings a visionary perspective and demonstrated capability to propel Sencomm to new heights.

Under Mr. Olabisi’s ownership, Sencomm’s organizational structure has been maintained, while strategic investments have been made to enhance internal computing infrastructure, streamline processes and procedures, and leverage automation.

Furthermore, efforts have been made to expand the sales team’s expertise and diversify the support and services offered, including those provided by Sencomm’s sister company, Tixzy Consulting. Mr. Olabisi is wholeheartedly committed to harnessing his team’s expertise and leadership to elevate further Sencomm’s presence in the federal, state, local, and commercial markets. This will be accomplished by diversifying the customer base through new contracts, providing additional unified communications-related services and solutions, and offering expanded capabilities encompassing the full life cycle of services required by customers. To achieve these goals, in-house capabilities will be fortified through employee training and professional development initiatives, strategic new hires, and leveraging existing and new business partnerships.

In addition to the exciting developments within Sencomm, we proudly announce that the company has obtained certification as a Minority Business Enterprise. Furthermore, Sencomm has achieved partnership status with renowned manufacturing partners such as Apple and HP. Further solidifying its position as a trusted industry leader.

With Mr. Olabisi’s leadership and the collective efforts of the dedicated Sencomm team, we are confident that the company will continue to thrive, exceed customer expectations, and forge new paths to success in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Tixzy Consulting, LLC (Tixzy) is a small, minority-owned business (Minority Business Enterprise Certified) that provides information technology (IT), cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity-related services and solutions. Founded in January 2015, Tixzy has the experience and qualifications to provide a diverse suite of IT services to our customers with computing equipment, peripherals, and software licenses, such as Microsoft 365 licenses. Tixzy offers cutting-edge services to multiple Fortune 100 and 500 companies and services market segments such as financial, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology, and public sector.

For additional information: info@tixzy.com | www.tixzy.com

Sencommunications, Inc., (Sencomm), founded in 1989 and based in Tampa, Florida, is a small, minority-owned business (Minority Business Enterprise Certified) system integrator specializing in unified communications, collaboration, and audio visual (A/V) services and solutions. Sencomm is a value-added technology solutions reseller of headsets, phones, video collaboration solutions, and supportive software. We provide communication equipment, devices, and converging communication technology services and solutions in several industries, such as finance, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, and the public sector. We support over 500 federal, state, and local entities and provide products and services to 42% of Fortune 500 companies.

For additional information: info@sencomm.com | www.sencomm.com