Sencomm Offers the New Jabra Engage 50 II Headset

Headsets are crucial to business communications, providing hands-free convenience for call center operators and office professionals. With that in mind, Sencommunications, a leader in technology solutions for the modern workforce, is proud to offer its customers the new Jabra’s Engage 50 II.

“The Jabra Engage 50 II gives call center operators a superior headset experience. The impressive sound clarity and noise canceling technology that omits the loudest noise interference is a sure bet for companies seeking the best audio technology for their business,” says Bill Miller, Vice President of National Accounts at Sencommunications, Inc.

A high-quality headset will enhance productivity and focus in any professional space whether operators are working in a physical business location or at home, a shared workspace, or even a coffee shop. “The Jabra Engage 50 II checks all the boxes when choosing a headset model,” says Miller. There are four main factors to consider when choosing a headset for business communications:

  • Voice clarity
  • Noise cancellation
  • Comfort fit and feel
  • Ease of connectivity

Voice Clarity

“Every conversation is clearer when using the Engage 50 II headset. The innovative signal processing algorithm, BalancedVoice™ achieves greater voice balance through dynamic range compression, which enhances the soft parts of your customer’s voice while reducing the louder tones”, explains Miller.

Noise Cancellation

Jabra achieves world-class audio engineering with its second-generation Engage 50 headset. The noise-isolating earcups and advanced speaker technology optimize your customer’s voice and blocks office background chatter. Three high-quality microphones ensure your customers hear you clearly, enabling speech-to-text capability at a high precision rate. Plus, the Engage 50 II employs SafeToneTM 2.0 which provides the highest level of hearing protection for headset users.

Comfort Fit and Feel

The Engage 50 II innovative lightweight headset design weighing between 1.5 and 2.3 ounces, includes an adjustable headband and angled earcups covered in soft leather pads that mimic memory foam, providing a comfortable, light fit. The three-speaker microphone boom can be worn on either side of the headset, offering greater ergonomic flexibility for operators.

One of the best features for co-workers is the busylight indicators. “The Engage 50 II includes LED lights on the outside of the earpiece, to let your co-workers know when you are on a call – a red light to indicate you are busy with a customer, and a green light indicating when you are available,” says Miller. The busylight helps with costly and bothersome interruptions.

Ease of Connectivity

The Engage 50 II plug-and-play headset offers easy connectivity to your computer or mobile device through USB-A or USB-C. Call center operators will experience seamless customer interactions with full compatible connection to all leading contact center and Unified Communications (UC) platforms which include an integrated call control for Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX, and NICE CXone2. Additionally, Engage 50 II is certified for Google Meet and Zoom.

The Jabra Engage 50 II Controller Unit is an option that allows the operator greater mobility. The unit grips your workspace and offers volume control, a mute button, and two custom buttons that may be used for push-to-talk, mute, on/off busylight, and more. Miller says, “The unit also has a speaker which allows the controller to be set to ring when you are not wearing the headset, which gives the user flexible movement.”

AI software is available to assist in real-time monitoring of service, determining the tone of voice of both call center agents and clients.  This allows the opportunity for immediate adjustment to achieve the call center goal.

If you are a company looking to improve your customer’s call experience, the superior Jabra Engage 50 II headset is what you need to lead you to higher customer satisfaction and greater profit.

Learn how Sencomm can help you find the best fit for all your audio and visual communications needs. Reach out to Sencommunications today. Call 800-654-2993 or use the chat function at www.sencomm.com to get started!