Sencommunications is proud to celebrate Earth Day 2022!

How is Sencomm doing its part to keep our planet healthy? As a leader in audio and visual solutions, providing businesses and schools with the latest technologies for 33 years, Sencomm responsibly disposes e-waste, or electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” This includes electrical and electronic equipment that’s outdated, unwanted, or broken.

Sencomm was built through strong relationships with our customers and manufacturers. Our commitment is unwavering – to help create a productive and healthy business or learning environment for our customers. Sencomm’s commitment to the environment in which we all live, is just as important.

It is estimated that we collectively generate about 50 million tons of e-waste every year and our goal is to help reduce that number. E-waste comes from the most common electronic products such as computers, televisions, VCRs, copiers, telephones and fax machines, all of which have components that contain hazardous materials.

Although e-waste represents only 2% of the trash and landfills across America, it equals over 70% of the toxic waste in the United States. The toxic chemicals that leach into the soil and contaminate local water supplies endanger the health of our communities near the landfill where the hazardous material was disposed. Therefore, it is important that electronics are disposed of properly and not sent to landfills where the materials infiltrate our soil.

What can you do to help? Remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • Reduce your e-waste through good maintenance of your electronics to extend the life of the product.
  • Reuse by donating or selling your functioning electronic equipment you no longer wish to keep.
  • Recycle the electronics that can’t be repaired. Only 10 to 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled. Most people throw it out with the trash.

Most electronics should not be discarded in regular garbage collection, but should be brought to an organization that properly disposes electronics. This is where Sencommunications can help our clients.

Send your old and broken headsets and other desktop equipment such as speakerphones and laptops to Sencomm. If we can, we will even buy back your old equipment (restrictions apply). Additionally, if requested, we will sort your in-warranty headsets from your out-of-warranty headsets and facilitate the manufacturer replacement for you.

Sencomm encourages you to celebrate Earth Day with us. By working together, we can make a long-lasting impact on the environment! And, if you are a business in search of technical workforce solutions, look no further. Our core values of innovation, integrity and honesty is proven every day through our commitment to do better and be better for our business partners, our clients, and our planet.