Work From Home

Why do I need a headset for my home office?

A headset provides the best call experience for you and your employer, having a headset that enhances a call experience may separate you from the competition. Also, consider a headset that connects to your laptop/computer for video calls.

The best headsets for working from home

If you or your team works from home, getting the tools right matter. A remote team might be far from each other, but still need to collaborate closely. It is important to have reliable ways to connect, collaborate and communicate with others. Check our favorite remote work devices below.

Poly Studio P5 with Blackwire 3210

Poly Studio P5 with Blackwire 3325

Poly Studio P5 with Poly Sync 20+

Blackwire 3200 Series Corded UC

Blackwire 5200 Series USB

Poly Blackwire 8225

DA Series USB Audio Processor

Poly Sync Speaker phone
Poly P5 Webcam Product Image

Sync 20

Sync 20 +

Poly Studio P5

Jabra Headsets

Evolve 20, 30, 40 DUO/MONO

BIZ 1500 Series DUO/MONO

BIZ  2300 Series DUO/MONO

BIZ  2400 Series DUO/MONO

Speak2 Series


Logitech Headsets

Logitech Wired Personal Video Collaboration Kit

Logitech Wired Pro Personal Video Collaboration Kit



Addasound USB Quick Disconnect Cord

JPL Vision Mini +

JPL VisionView Webcam without mic

JPL Vision+ Desktop Webcam with mic

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