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Sencomm meets your mission-critical needs

911 Dispatch Centers for Police, Fire, and other vital first responder functions rely on Sencomm for crisp, clear communications every time. We provide solutions for demanding environments with advanced noise cancelation, hearing protection and models suited for improved mobility.

Sencomm specialists are educated and experienced, so we know which products are durable and dependable for the most onerous duties and missions. We partner with additional manufacturers to meet your needs including headsets and gear from dispatch centers to SWAT Applications.

We proudly serve First Responders, Law Enforcement, Military and all levels of government to include local, state and federal agencies.

Our Certification:

JPL Telecom

JPL Scout 100, 200, 300, 400 (special order) Push-to-Talk Trigger Switch
Ergonomically designed push-to-talk headset amplifier for use where secure, mission-critical conversations are needed, such as public safety dispatch, air-traffic control, radio dispatch operations, and training simulation.

JPL BL-20+P  Dual-Prong PJ-7 to QD Headset Adapter
This sturdy dual-prong adapter plugs into a PBX or ACD operator’s console using the PJ-7 dual-prong plug and the JPL/PLX QD allows connection to a variety of JPL headset styles.

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JPL Emergency PPT


Poly provides encrypted communications for use in Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control applications.

The Poly CA22CD cordless PTT (Push-To-Talk) headset adapter provides wireless communications and PTT functionality for public safety dispatch, air traffic control, radio dispatch operations, and training simulation.


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Hawk EC “Easy-Connect” Lapel Microphone (1300EC Series)

The Hawk EC Lapel Microphone delivers the Easy-Connect system. The new design features two alignment arrows: One is located on the strain relief cable connector portion of your Hawk EC Lapel Microphone and the other is located on the EC Quick Release adapter. This new upgrade ensures that radio connection is immediate and secure. The kit comes equipped with the clear acoustic audio tube, and Fin Ultra™ ear tips for all-day comfort.

Note: Not all radio makes & models include the EC “Easy-Connect” feature at this time.

Hawk EC M1 “Easy-Connect” Tubeless lapel Microphone (1300EC M1 Series)

The Hawk EC M1 Lapel Microphone with Tubeless Earpiece. EC “Easy-Connect” features on target visual alignment that improves the ease of connection to the radio, reducing wear & tear on the connector. The Hawk M1 EC features the Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece for unobstructed sound and no tube maintenance. The kit is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with Fin Ultra™ eartips for all day comfort and a higher level of situational awareness.

Air Pro Wireless Motorola APX / XPR BLE Kit for Bluetooth Earbuds

Air Pro Wireless BLE Combo Kit includes our upgraded Motorola APX BLE Multi-Functional Adapter and Bluetooth Remote PTT Switch. You pair the combo kit to your Wireless Earbuds for the ultimate personalized kit. Perfect for undercover operations!

*Simply pair the Bluetooth Remote PTT to activate your Wireless Earbuds with your finger remotely. Mount to a handlebar, weapon, or attach to your finger for easy covert access. 

Walker 6Wire Handset w/ 9' Cord Black

Walker’s Push-to-Signal handsets allow the user to initiate special phone functions such as switching to a 2-way radio. Our Push-to-Signal handsets are designed for durability, comfort, and reliability. The components used are of the highest quality, ensuring their ability to withstand the most demanding of conditions. All Walker products are backed with a two-year limited warranty and are manufactured in the United States. Walker’s Push-to-Signal handsets are backed by FAA Contracts. Designed with durability on mind the PTS 500 OP3 handsets are hardwired with a 9 foot coil cable that ends in a dual Prong plug. Noise Canceling available for those areas where background noise is very loud.

  • OP3 – 9 Foot coil cord, hardwired with a dual prong plug CRBN – Carbon Transmitter – 8 Volts DC
  • PTS500OP3 Color: Black
  • Push-to-Signal (PTS) Initiates radio signal transmission

The PTS is for radios, FAA, dispatch consoles or where 6-conductor cord is required.

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Jabra knows how important it is to have a quality headset when dispatching emergency calls. With clear audio and the industry’s best noise cancelling microphones, Jabra headsets offer the flexibility and comfort needed during long shifts.

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Jabra Headsets
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Demanding environments call for durable and dependable solutions.
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