Video Conferencing Solutions Become the Norm in Business Communications

The coronavirus pandemic has forced our society to a host of changes in how we live and work. Video conferencing is one of those changes that is here to stay.  “Video collaboration solutions are providing businesses the capabilities they need to conduct day to day business, especially as we enter the post pandemic era,” says Melinda Farmer, Director of Communications Platforms at Sencommunications, a leading audio and video technology solutions company.

Farmer explains video conferencing provides the opportunity for two or more people to communicate through sight and sound. Video solutions include functions such as sharing screens, writing messages and live chat, recording and sharing of meetings, and more. These features allow for greater collaboration for business to business or internal communications, specifically for companies who offer hybrid or remote work options.

Guy on a video call with webcam

Many people think of video conferencing as attending a GoToMeeting, a Zoom meeting, or a Skype call. But video conferencing is so much more and consists of a wide range of solutions. A combination of hardware, software, and cloud services command great collaborative opportunities for businesses to communicate in our technological post-pandemic society.

What is the difference? Farmer says hardware, or hard codec technology devices such as IP phones or conference room endpoint solutions enhances communications and removes the use of personal conferencing devices like laptops and cell phones. Whereas, software for video conferencing requires downloading and/or installing on audio-video capable devices such as laptops and smartphones. Cloud-based applications such as Cisco’s WebEx, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., are cost-conscious, usually subscription-based, and compatible with most any device. The cloud-based service provider is responsible for maintenance, updates, and security – making this a desirable solution for many businesses.

“It can be a daunting task to find the best products for your company’s video conferencing communications. This is where Sencomm’s expertise in audio visual technologies becomes an asset for our customers. We help you to choose the right video collaboration solution that meets your business needs,” says Farmer.

Some of the video collaboration solutions Sencomm offers include:

8×8 Cloud Communications Platform

8×8 is a global cloud communications platform providing real-time business analytics and intelligence with unique insights to help business growth. Individuals and teams collaborate faster and work smarter when using 8×8. The platform transforms business communications through use of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions.

DTEN All-in-One Video Conferencing Solutions for Zoom

DTEN’s Zoom-certified appliances and integrated service subscriptions revolutionize the way teams around the world connect, communicate and collaborate. The DTEN collaboration solutions combine cutting-edge all-in-one features, plug-and-play ease, high-quality performance, and affordability.

Avaya Cloud

Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral offers a one-click solution to take calls, make calls, text, message, and chat. Its’ seamless and intuitive experience simplifies communications so that you can direct your focus to the business at hand.

Genesys Cloud

The Genesys Cloud all-in-one cloud contact center solution gives you the best and broadest customer and employee experience capabilities, from call center basics to the latest CX innovations. The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform does it all and keeps your team productive and engaged.

Webcams and Video Bars

Sencomm offers a diverse selection of webcams and video bar options that will take your audio and visual communications to the next level. Our team can help you with your flexible workforce by providing seamless integration of products for all your video collaboration needs.

Discover how Sencomm can help you make the most of your communication technologies by incorporating high-quality state-of-the-art video conference solutions. Call Melinda Farmer at 813-436-5057 to get started!