Sencomm is proud to partner with BlueParrott to offer audio solutions designed for the high-noise warehouse environment.  Together,  Sencomm and BlueParrot offer best in class solutions to maintain worker safety and drive productivity. Wearable technology that enables users to pick faster and more accurately not only helps increase worker motivation; it frees up eyes and hands, allowing the employees to achieve more.

BlueParrott industry-leading noise cancellation technology offers:

  • Increased productivity and revenue with audio accuracy; advanced noise-canceling decreases the risk of mistakes due to a noisy work environment.
  • Long-lasting durability built for extreme conditions
  • Enables users to focus on their work, not their headsets
  • Integration with leading warehouse technology
  • Cost reductions – headsets can last a full day on a single charge without the use of expensive spare batteries

Keeping you safe in the high noise warehouse environments.
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